10 Fashion Trends Men Hate On Women

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10 Fashion Trends Men Hate On Women

The fashion world goes 'round and 'round, all thanks to women. After all, women are the ones who zealously follow the latest trends and the ones who like to shop until they drop in order to keep their wardrobes fresh and in season. Men, on the other hand, are generally less affected by what is currently in style and could care less if a garment is "so last season." The time, money and effort that women invest in creating an in-season look is often overlooked and unnoticed by men all together. However, this doesn't mean that men are incapable of or are afraid of forming opinions when it comes to women's fashion. Here are the top 10 fashion trends that women love, but men hate.


In recent years, jumpsuits have made a comeback into the wardrobes of women and out onto the streets again after a long hiatus. Men only wish they would remain on hiatus or—better yet—vanish permanently. Far from having a practical design, men are perplexed by one question, "How do you go to the bathroom in one of those?"

Harem Pants

Ah, harem pants. Women find them appealing, perhaps because they are comfortable and lend a unique look to their outfit, but men will tell you otherwise. These saggy, awkwardly shaped pants conjure up visions of several personalities and things in the minds of men and, sadly, none of which are women. "Didn't Aladdin wear those? Or was it MC Hammer?" "Wait—are those potato sacks you're wearing?"

Gladiator Sandals

If you want to impress any man with your shoes, stick with the classics: simple high heels. They find these sexier and more feminine that the gladiator heel. The name says it all. Gladiator. Men don't want to imagine you coming at them on a chariot, ready to battle him in the Coliseum. Wear these and the only thing men will think is: "Didn't Russell Crowe wear the same shoes in Gladiator?" or "Are those Jesus sandals?"


Some men may not be familiar with the term "jeggings," but they are familiar with the fact that they do not like this trend. Teetering on the possibility of being leggings, or perhaps jeans, jeggings are an increasingly popular trend with women these days, and men are only wondering why. "Those look painful to wear." "Do you have to butter yourself up in order to put them on?"

Oversized Sunglasses

Large-and-in-charge sunglasses aren't anything new. Women have been wearing them for years and can't seem to settle for anything smaller than what can cover half of their face. Men do not favor this look on women as they feel as though they are looking at a human size, bug-eyed insect. Explain how that can possibly be fashionably attractive—any takers?


A notorious item often found at the top of men's most despised fashion trends, Ugg boots never stop men from cringing. These clunky, unflattering footwear look like something out of a cartoon character's closet and are far from feminine. Considered to be a hideously lazy trend, these boots are most despised when worn with sweatpants tucked into the tops.

Leg Warmers

Some fads come and go, and rightfully so. Leg warmers are definitely a fad that never should have been resurrected, if you ask any guy. They must have been cute when Olivia Newton-John was prancing around getting "physical," but times have changed and what people wore to the gym in the 80s should not be a regular accessory today.

Menswear/Boyfriend Styles

Ladies, if the thought of your "hot date" showing up at your door in a pink tulle skirt and gold hoop earrings frightens you, then consider why women wearing menswear is any different. Men like women for their femininity and beauty, not they rugged virility! Menswear-inspired clothing and so-called boyfriend looks are a definite faux pas in men's opinions.

High-Waisted Pants

Women like high-waisted pants because they can help to define the waist, but men feel otherwise about this fashion trend. High-waist pants can draw attention to certain areas below the navel and above the thighs that you wouldn't want to bring focus to. Aside from being the fashionably acceptable version of Steve Urkel pants, high-waist pants—or shorts—are a trend that men would love to see women kick to the curb.

Oversized Bags

Perhaps it is because sometimes bigger is better, or because a simple purse simply won't cut it, that women today opt for larger-than-life bags. Just as oversized sunglasses are a trend unappreciated by men, oversized bags evoke questions like "Do you really have to carry so much stuff?" "Are you moving? Going on vacation?" Men find it difficult to grasp such a trend when really all you need are your keys and wallet. 

The next time you are out shopping the latest trends and think you want to impress your beau or a certain someone you've been flirting with, consider the notes from above. The must-have trends that are currently in will mostly likely only impress other followers of the trends (a.k.a. women), while men will continue to show concern for anything other than fashion.

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