Dec 13, 2011

White Elephant Gifts for The Office Party

By Belinda Romano

It's that time of the year again: The Annual Holiday Office Party! And like every other year, the party consists of a white elephant gift exchange. You've already done the ugly ceramic candy bowl -- twice -- and you outdid yourself with the USB-powered mug heater last year. What will you do this year? No worries, we've got some suggestions. Some cooler than others, but depending on how serious your office white elephant gift exchanges are, we're sure you'll finding something interesting...

Wall Mount Fish Bowl

This one-of-a-kind wall-mounted fish bowl gives new meaning to "office pet".$25.99, available at Target.

Awkward Family Photos Calendar

This is the gift that keeps on giving, with 24 pages of awkward family affection. $10.25, available at Walmart .


Loved by many, bacon is the perfect companion to any meal. Now you can even spread it on a piece of bread, without ever starting up the stove. $5.99, available at Drugstore.com.

Dirt Cologne

Nothing quite like the smell of the earth, now bottled up for your convenience. $21.90, available at Beauty Encounter .

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Have a wee bit o' fun with this instant Irish accent spray and let the real party begin!  $7.99, available at Buy.com .

Sobriety Test

For the very "casual" office environment, this game is sure to be a hit! Test your colleagues' memory, speech and composure (with or without alcoholic beverages) and see who manages to keep it together. $11.33, available at Amazon .

Giant Wine Glass

They say one glass of wine a day is OK. Well, no one ever said how small (or big) the glass should be! This giant wine glass holds an entire bottle of wine, for the inner wino in everyone. $11.99, available at Vat19.

Head Massager

White elephant gifts needn't always be over-the-top and hysterically silly. This head massager looks silly and even makes you look silly while using it, but comes in handy during those stressful days at the office. $4.95, available at Buy.com .

World's Largest Gummy Bear

Looking for a gift that's absolutely unnecessary and useless, yet so adorable and delicious all at once? Bring the world's largest gummy bear to the white elephant gift exchange! $29.99, available at Vat19.

  • White Elephant Gifts for The Office Party
  • Wall Mount Fish Bowl
  • Awkward Family Photos Calendar
  • Baconnaise
  • Dirt Cologne
  • Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray
  • Sobriety Test
  • Giant Wine Glass
  • Head Massager
  • World's Largest Gummy Bear
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White Elephant Gifts for The Office Party
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