Sep 12, 2012

What's Your Bistro Set Style?

By Belinda Romano

Need a breath of fresh air in the morning and a hot cup o' joe? Enjoy your morning coffee and get the day started off right with a dose of sunshine and the perfect bistro set! Whether you have a suburban back yard retreat or a cozy city-view balcony, you can create your very own European-inspired outdoors cafe with a bistro set that is totally you. Just add a few pretty, fresh flowers, a delicious brew in your favorite mug and -- voila! -- you're good to go. Not sure what your "bistro style" is? No worries! We've rounded up eight cool, classic, contemporary, and everything-in-between bistro sets that will add the perfect amount of style to your home, no matter what your taste, or where you live.


You like to stick with what's tried and true and appreciate timeless style. A classic bistro set such as this one is the perfect style for you. Arlington House Madison 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set, $49, available at The Home Depot.


You're a hip, old-fashioned soul, and just like you, you like your surroundings to follow suit. This retro style bistro set is right up your alley. Winsome Bistro Set, $216, available at Amazon.


You're a contemporary with modern taste, and when it comes to home decor, you like to keep things current -- just like this bistro set. Gallery 3-Piece Sling Patio Bar Height Bistro Set, $262, available at Target.


Your idea of the perfect home entails a backcountry cabin, meadow and mountain views and the sounds of wildlife nearby. This rustic bistro set is the last piece to that puzzle. Lakeland Mills Bistro Dining Set, $329, available at Zoostores.com.


Fun-loving, carefree and optimistic all around. If this sounds like you then this playfully funky bistro set is just what  you need. Exotic Contemporary Metal Patio Bistro Set, $169, available at Amazon.


Your taste is simple but you love the occasional burst of color in your surroundings. A brightly colored bistro set like this one may be just what your home needs. LaSalle 3-Piece Mesh Patio Bistro Set, $99, available at Target.


You have an appreciation of things in their natural state and have an affinity for the outdoors. This bamboo bistro set is your perfect relaxation ensemble. Bamboo54 3-Piece Bistro Set, $171, available at Wayfair.


If practicality and minimalism are what matter the most to you, then a compact folding bistro set like this one will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 3-Piece Folding Antique White Bistro Set, $169, available at Overstock.

  • What's Your Bistro Set Style?
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  • Retro
  • Modern
  • Rustic
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  • Colorful
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What's Your Bistro Set Style?
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