Jan 9, 2013

Top Free Personal Finance Apps for 2013

By Ashley Henshaw

Did you make a resolution to stick to your budget this year? Or, maybe you're just hoping to simplify your life and makes things easier when it comes to your banking and budgeting. Either way, there are plenty of smartphone personal finance apps to help you meet your monetary goals. As we all know by now, our phones aren’t just for talking anymore. They're how we connect with the world and organize our lives. One of the most important things to get control of is your finances, so try downloading a few of these top person finance apps for 2013 on your smartphone to get started on the road to financial success.

Do You Have Trouble Sticking to Your Budget?

If you're a notorious over-spender, then a budgeting app may be just the thing you need to get you on track. And if a detailed budget is what you need, then try out the free Mint.com mobile app. You can use the app to set up personalized budgets for various categories, like rent/utilities, dining out or saving up for a new pair of boots. You link the budgets with your bank account and all the transactions are automatically categorized. The app will even alert you when you're close to going over budget for the month or when you have a bill due. Free, available at Mint.com.

Want to Send Money via Phone?

One way you can simplify your personal finances is by getting an app that allows you to pay people using your smartphone. These person-to-person payment apps allow you to instantly send money from your bank account to another person’s bank account. While there are numerous apps you can use to do this, PayPal Mobile continues to be one of the most popular. Just link the app to your PayPal account and you can send money to friends or family at the push of a button. Free, available at PayPal.com.

Like to Track Your Investments?

Investing is one aspect of personal finance that many people are just starting to track on their smart phones. One app that handles investment management efficiently is SigFig. This app automatically imports all your investment data and keeps it in one simplified dashboard for easy viewing. The app can be used to evaluate the investments and even lets you know if your financial advisor is overcharging you or if you’re paying for hidden brokerage fees. Free, available at SigFig.com.

Always Losing Your Receipts?

There's an easier way to track your expenses than by throwing your old receipts in your desk drawer. Download the free ShoeBoxed app and you’ll be able to snap photos of your receipts for storage on your phone. The app automatically enters the date, the payment total, the store, the expense category and even how you paid. This is great for personal finance or for creating expense reports for work. Free, available at Shoeboxed.com.

Need to Deposit Checks on Your Phone?

If you hate visiting the bank to deposit a check, download an app and do it right at home. Check with your bank to see if they have their own check deposit app. Many major banks, including Bank of America, Chase, PNC and ING. With these apps, you simply snap a photo of the front and back of your check and then send it in to the bank. Most checks are deposited into your account on the same day. Free, available at various banking websites.

Want to File Your Taxes?

Filing your taxes can be extremely time-consuming. However, it can be a breeze with TurboTax's SnapTax app. All you have to do is download the app, snap a photo of your W-2 form, answer some simple questions and then file either with the app or complete it on the web. The streamlined process takes only 10 minutes. Free, available at Intuit.com.

  • Top Free Personal Finance Apps for 2013
  • Do You Have Trouble Sticking to Your Budget?
  • Want to Send Money via Phone?
  • Like to Track Your Investments?
  • Always Losing Your Receipts?
  • Need to Deposit Checks on Your Phone?
  • Want to File Your Taxes?
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Top Free Personal Finance Apps for 2013
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