Jan 26, 2012

Super Bowl Entertaining Essentials

By Belinda Romano

It's that time of the year again...Super Bowl party time! And just like every year before, you're ready to see the champs collide on the green. But you wouldn't dare do it without having all of your football-loving friends gathered around the TV first. Get ready for the big game this year with the Super Bowl Sunday essentials that will have your friends full, quenched and happy -- no matter which side they're on. Browse and shop our Super Bowl entertaining essentials and check off your party list so you can make sure your Super Bowl Sunday get-together scores the winning touchdown!

The NFL Gameday Cookbook


Your friends will come hungry, so you might want to cook up, or grill up, some game-time worthy fare. With this cookbook by your side, there's no way you can fumble the feast.

Anchor Hocking 14-Piece Beer Party Set


Skip the red cups and serve up some cold ones in glass pints a la pub. You'll save money on disposable cups and while you will have to wash these after the party's over, there's nothing  your dishwasher can't handle.

Vinotemp Mini Keg Beer Dispenser


You love draft beers, so why not treat yourself -- and your buddies -- to a freshly poured pint at home this Super Bowl Sunday? This sleek beer dispenser features a cooling system and will hold a 5L keg of your favorite brew.

Kraftware Stainless Steel Party Tub


Whether you want to stock up on brewskis or provide an assortment of beverages for your non-drinking friends (or designated drivers), this stainless steel party tub will keep your drinks chilled and ready to enjoy.

Hot & Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings


No Super Bowl party is complete without a platter full of tasty buffalo chicken wings. Serve up these hot and spicy wings with blue cheese and ranch, and your party guests will be coming back for seconds.

2-Tier Chip ‘n Dip Serving Bowl Set


Whether it's guacamole, salsa, ranch, or your famous secret recipe dip you'll be making, make sure you serve it along with some chips in a cool serving bowl set such as this one.

Square Melamine Appetizer Plates


Before you serve up a buffet of appetizers, make sure you have plenty of plates to go around. These melamine appetizer plates will eliminate paper waste and are dishwasher safe.

Oster Chocolate Fountain


Don't forget about dessert! You're going to need to balance out all of that grilled goodness and savory sensations with some sweet treats, so why not surprise your party guests with a decadent fountain of melted chocolate, accompanied by fresh fruit, angel cake cubes and marshmallows? Deeelish!

Sharp AQUOS 60-inch HDTV


And last, but not least, go big or go home with a brand new large screen television! This 60" HDTV will make sure everyone has the best seat in the house and that no one misses a single play of the big game.

  • Super Bowl Entertaining Essentials
  • The NFL Gameday Cookbook
  • Anchor Hocking 14-Piece Beer Party Set
  • Vinotemp Mini Keg Beer Dispenser
  • Kraftware Stainless Steel Party Tub
  • Hot & Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • 2-Tier Chip ‘n Dip Serving Bowl Set
  • Square Melamine Appetizer Plates
  • Oster Chocolate Fountain
  • Sharp AQUOS 60-inch HDTV
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Super Bowl Entertaining Essentials
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