Jan 11, 2013

7 Stylish Tights to Beat the Winter Chill

By Valerie Chen

During colder months when a uniform of pants or jeans becomes monotonous and doesn’t do your impeccable style justice, you promptly turn to your drawer teeming with pair after pair of nude pantyhose and black tights. With the exception of unintentional snags and rips here and there, they are all pretty identical and, quite frankly, boring. Before you stifle another yawn, reawaken your fashion sense by snagging – ahem, buying – one of these pairs of anything-but-ordinary tights.


(Psst – we also have 7 tips for wearing tights and other types of hosiery to help you avoid those wicked rips and more!)

FP Opaque Tight

You’re partial to solids when it comes to tights. Fair enough. But rather than stick to nude and black as your go-to preferences, why not endeavor to new and more vibrantly chic heights? Ditch the monochromatic palette and integrate a cheerful pop of hunter green, hot pink, coral or teal with Free People’s opaque tights. We’re not going to argue that these colors are the new black, but when you already wear black on black regularly, it may be time for something a little different. $12, available at Free People.

A Tale Of New Tights

Did you know that a pair of tights could tell a story? Yep, we didn’t either – until our eyes fell upon this quirky masterpiece of hosiery. Designed by Look From London, these vintage-inspired tights display Victorian era scenes in delftware blue against a milky white canvas, evoking an undeniable charm. Pair the legwear with a modest navy-colored dress, or, if you’re feeling extra daring, a deep red swing skirt. Finally, sip a cup of a tea – pinky up, of course. $30, available at ModCloth.

Wolford Art Nouveau Tights

Twisting and winding outlines of leaves, vines and flowers make up the French style of art nouveau, which also can be found in this pair of sultry fishnet tights. The intricate motif starts at the thigh and makes its sinuous way down the legs, all the way to the toe. No matter what the rest of your ensemble consists of, you’ll look like a walking piece of art: cultured, mysterious and indisputably alluring. $65, available at Bloomingdale's.

Pretty Polly 'Suspended' Tights

Wearing undergarments as outwear usually elicits disapproving glances and confused stares. But with this seductive design, the façade of undergarment attire – via opaque tights combined with shadowy garter belts – is absolutely encouraged. Play up the look with faux leather shorts or cool the pair down with a mid-length, pleated skirt to cover the garter tops. $25, available at Nordstrom.

Gipsy Floral Detail Tights

If you fancy something a little more subtle in its boldness, this legwear boasts the ideal formula. Though they look like your basic, sheer black pair in the front, think again. Your exit’s dramatic flair increases by at least double when spectators catch a glimpse of the back seam design with a gorgeous flower detailing. $15, available at ASOS.

Merona Women's Premium Sweater Tights

There’s something about your all-time favorite sweater that prompts you to reach for it as soon as the temperature drops – despite fading color and fraying sleeves, there’s just no match for its coziness. Enjoy the same high level of comfort with a pair of sweater tights like these by Target’s Merona brand. Available in an assortment of colors and patterns, such as “Burgundy Detail” and “Black Box Angle,” the semi-opaque tights offer your gams plenty of heat insulation. $12, available at Target.

Tattoo Tights

Getting inked is a commitment – one some of us may have made on a whim as soon as it became legal. But if you have yet to take the leap due to certain qualms, these tattoos (in the form of tights), can satisfy your desire for the time being. The all-over printed design includes everything from butterflies to stars to winged-hearts to a ship’s steering wheel, enough to temporarily fulfill your tattooing urge and permit your old-fashioned mother to breathe a big sigh of relief. $18, available at ASOS.

  • 7 Stylish Tights to Beat the Winter Chill
  • FP Opaque Tight
  • A Tale Of New Tights
  • Wolford Art Nouveau Tights
  • Pretty Polly 'Suspended' Tights
  • Gipsy Floral Detail Tights
  • Merona Women's Premium Sweater Tights
  • Tattoo Tights
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7 Stylish Tights to Beat the Winter Chill
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