Jan 17, 2013

Retro Decor: How to Mad Men Your Home

By Ashley Henshaw

Critically acclaimed "Mad Men" is infused with the chic 1960s style that had gotten us completely crazy for the retro look. While many people have drooled over the show's wardrobe, we’re equally smitten with the set designs. The cool couches, sleek furniture and shag carpets have us wishing we could transport ourselves back to that era. 


If you've been bitten by the "Mad Men" bug like we have, then check out these easy ways you can add some of the show's cool factor to your own home. 

Club Chair

The minimalist, mid-century furniture in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are some of the most striking pieces in the series. The club chairs in Don’s office will give any room in your home an instant "Mad Men" cool factor. Stratham Black Mid-Century Modern Club Chair, $470, available at Showroom Design.

Mid-Century Couch

The couches on "Mad Men" all have that same simple, elegant mid-century feel. To maximize this look, find a couch with a low back, thin arms and even thinner legs. This may be the easiest part of finding 1960s decor for your home since this couch style is definitely trending right now. Madison Furniture Mid-Century Full-Length Sofa, $999, available at Home Furniture Showroom.

Glass Coffee Table

A simple glass coffee table is pretty standard for a room on "Mad Men." It pairs perfectly with mid-century furniture and is an elegant placeholder for your alcoholic beverage of choice. Circular coffee tables have an especially retro vibe that is reminiscent of "Mad Men" times. Ike Forged Iron/Glass Cocktail Table, $660, available at Interior Home Scapes.

Tufted Headboard

The lush, velvety headboard is the statement piece in Betty and Don’s bedroom at the beginning of this series. The look of a bold headboard is still popular today, but you can get more of a retro vibe by choosing a tufted, curvy style. This headboard has a romantic vibe that hopefully won’t lead to the type of marriage troubles that the Drapers faced.   Skyline Furniture Arch Tufted Headboard in Velvet White, $333, available at Zoostores.

Table Lamp

"Mad Men" fans were decidedly split when it came to the decor in Don and Megan’s NYC apartment. The room was the first truly “mod” space on the show, so it incorporated some fun and funky elements you don’t see elsewhere in the series. A unique table lamp is just the thing to take your space from drab to fab in a way that Megan Draper would totally approve of.   Cleo Table Lamp, $319, available at Crate & Barrel.

Faux Wood Wallpaper

The wood paneling in "Mad Men" really highlights the style of the times, but it’s a bit much to consider adding wood paneling in your own home. Instead, use faux wood wallpaper to get the same look in smaller doses. Add it to a single wall or a cozy den to get a classic '60s look without blowing your budget. The Serendipity by Brewers, $57 per roll, available at Wallpaper Direct.

Desk Lamp

Who knows if it’s true to life, but on "Mad Men," every 1960s office came with some excellent light fixtures. We’re particularly drawn to the desk lamps that hover over the ad men’s desks. Sleek and commanding, these lamps could spice up your home office or den. Adesso Relic Desk Lamp, $90, available at Bellacor.

Bar Cart

Those Mad Men love their booze, so much so that a bar cart seems to pop up in half of the set designs on the show. Get your own set up for your home with a vintage-inspired metal serving cart. The perfect addition to a living room or man cave, the classic bar cart will make you feel like you’ve been transported to just about any office or living room featured on the show. Don’t forget to set this up with a nice set of rocks glasses and a bottle of high-quality whiskey. Libations Bar Cart, $599, available at Crate & Barrel.

  • Retro Decor: How to Mad Men Your Home
  • Club Chair
  • Mid-Century Couch
  • Glass Coffee Table
  • Tufted Headboard
  • Table Lamp
  • Faux Wood Wallpaper
  • Desk Lamp
  • Bar Cart
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Retro Decor: How to Mad Men Your Home
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