Oct 23, 2012

Home Movie Night Essentials

By Belinda Romano

Whether you're a home body or simply like to wind down every once in a while from all the weekly chaos, one of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing evening (or even day!) at home is curled up on the couch infront of the television watching your favorite movies. The great thing about movie night is that you can enjoy it on your own, or with a few friends! All you need are a few staples (snacks, anyone?) and your favorite films on hand. Plus, it's one of the most budget-friendly and stress-free activities you can plan! So even if you like getting your adrenaline going with a few horror films, or like the sentimental mood of romantic comedies, here are our must-have items for your next movie night at home!


What's movie night without movies? From Netflix to Hulu, Redbox to your own personal collection, you can enjoy a movie marathon or skip around from one genre to the next. Family Favorites Movie Collection, $10, available at Walmart.


Popcorn and movies go hand-in-hand the way peanut butter and jelly do. So grab the biggest bowl you have and load it with this classic movie treat! Sunbeam Air Popper Popcorn Maker, $20, available at Target.

Serving Tray

Having a few people over for movie night? A serving tray makes it easy to bring out drinks and snacks for everyone. Accents by Jay Alligator Serving Tray, $25, available at Kohl's.


Movie night can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own bed, but chances are you might have your surround sound system set up in the living room. Be sure to have a cozy couch for you and your friends, and if you run out of space, time to bring out the pillows and cushions! Small Spaces Configurable Sectional Sofa, $314, available at Walmart.


Movie night is all about being comfortable, so be sure to keep a few extra pillows on hand, if not just for you, then for your guests. Deco Pillow Set, $51, available at Overstock.


Turn up the comfort factor even more with a cozy blanket for you and your sweetheart, as well as some extras for any additional movie night guests. Nine Space Brushed Organic Cotton Throw Blanket, $98, available at Amazon.

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Home Movie Night Essentials
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