Sep 10, 2012

Heavenly Headboards

By Belinda Romano

Headboards can take a bed from simple to glamorous in an instant and can bring together the look of an entire room. And when it comes to bedroom decor, there is nothing more striking and sophisticated than a statement headboard. Sure, if you're feeling creative and crafty, you can get down to business and create your very own headboard with a steady hand and a few tools, but with so many different designs, colors and styles available out there, you're bound to find one that's just right for you. Like to keep things chic and trendy with tufted details, or practical and organized with built-in storage? You bet it's out there. Check out our top headboard style picks and find the one to make your sleep complete!


Looking for something chic and sophisticated? A classic tufted headboard is for you! Tufted Arch Headboard Custom Upholstery, $399, available at Amazon.

Wrought Iron

If you love all things vintage and the look of antique furniture, a wrought iron headboard will be perfect in your room. Bronwyn Headboard, Queen, $599, available at Horchow.


Just like you, your headboard should have style and character. Opt for a wingback to complete your bedroom decor. Skyline Furniture Linen Nail Button Wingback Headboard, $506, available at Wayfair.


Looking for something fun and playful? A patterned headboard with your favorite design or colors is what you need. Light Zebra Headboard, Queen, $999, available at Neiman Marcus.


In your house, everything is in order. Even in your bedroom. A headboard with built-in storage or shelving is your dream come true. South Shore Spark Bookcase Headboard, Full, $137, available at Kmart.


You love your sleep as much as you love the Earth. So wouldn't it make sense to have a headboard as green as your lifestyle? Padma's Plantataion Reclaimed Wood Headboard, King, $1,129, available at Amazon.

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Heavenly Headboards
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