Aug 17, 2012

Fun and Stylish Docking Stations

By Belinda Romano

It's rare to come across someone who isn't constantly attached to their smartphone these days, and with so many cool smartphone accessories out on the market, it's hard to resist jumping on the bandwagon. At home, you can also enjoy using your smartphone -- whether it's as an alarm clock or radio -- but when you add a docking station into the mix, the experience is even more enhanced. Not sure what type of docking station is right for you? Just check out our roundup of fun, stylish and contemporary smartphone docking stations that will turn your smartphone from normal to extraordinarily cool!

Crosley iDuet Clock Radio


Feeling nostalgic? This retro-inspired iPhone docking station makes the perfect addition to the home with old-timey flair.



If you like things natural and simple, look no further than the Koostik amplifier for iPhones. Made entirely by hand from wood, this attractive device will amp up your favorite tunes in the most organic way possible.

Edifier iPod Docking Clock


If you like waking up to the sound music, this alarm-clock-shaped iPhone dock is perfect for you. Simply dock your device, set your wake up time and rise and shine to the beat of your favorite song. It even has a snooze button if you need a few more minutes of Z's!

Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine Dock


Still young at heart? This adorable Paul Frank speaker dock will not only add a playful touch to your living space, but will let you crank up your favorite playlist as well!

Kraftware XiDoc Docking Station


If color is what you crave, then this cool docking station will brighten up your home. Its space-saving design is great for small spaces, and it comes with surround sound speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music.

Philips DC315 Alarm Clock Radio


Looking for a dock that does it all? This sleek and contemporary docking station charges your iPhone, and features FM radio, dual alarm and a bass reflex speaker system.

iHome Dock LED Desk Lamp


Make your docking station part of your home decor with this dock desk lamp. It features a slide out dock that plays and charges your iPhone, and hides when not  in use.

Lasonic Boombox Dock


If novelty is your thing, this ultra cool boombox dock is the perfect docking station for you. Simply plug in your iPod or iPhone, queue up your favorite tunes, and bust a move.

  • Fun and Stylish Docking Stations
  • Crosley iDuet Clock Radio
  • Koostick
  • Edifier iPod Docking Clock
  • Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine Dock
  • Kraftware XiDoc Docking Station
  • Philips DC315 Alarm Clock Radio
  • iHome Dock LED Desk Lamp
  • Lasonic Boombox Dock
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Fun and Stylish Docking Stations
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