Aug 14, 2012

Eco-Friendly Dog Accessories

By Belinda Romano

We do everything we can to live green everyday -- from recycling our paper and plastics, to using products that are environmentally friendly. But living green extends beyond our personal habits. It's also a lifestyle for pets. And while you can't expect Fido to sort the paper and plastic bins for you (although that would be pretty cool!), there are many eco-friendly products designed for pets that you can use to take green living from your house to the dog house. From grooming supplies to playtime toys and accessories, there are so many great eco-friendly pet products for you and your best friend to enjoy and, best of all, you'll be doing Mother Earth a huge favor. How about a round of ap-paws for that!

Harry Barker Organic Hemp Pet Bed


Get rid of that old, lumpy pet bed and treat your special pooch to this super green and super comfy one instead! With a 100% organic hemp cover and insert made from 100% recycled plastics, this bed is as eco-friendly as it gets.

eco-Concepts Rustic Lodge Dog House


This dog house made from ecoFLEX, a composite of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood, is environmentally friendly, durable, and can be painted or stained for a customized look.

Eco-Loofah Pet Bowl Scrubby


The next time you clean your pooch's bowl, leave that stinky old sponge alone. Instead, reach for this super cool and all-natural loofah scrub! Nature's cleaning sponge, loofah is more resistant to wear than normal plastic sponges and is 100% biodegradable!

The Green Pet Shop Bamboo Bowl


What could be better than a pet-safe feeding dish? One that's made from 100% natural renewable resources! This bowl looks and feels like plastic, but it's actually made from bamboo and cooked rice husks! Just as durable as plastic, the bowl is also dishwasher safe.

Reflecto Collar


Keeping your pup safe is top priority. Make your best friend visible the next time you take him out for an evening walk -- or, heaven forbid, if he wanders out of the house! -- with this reflective strip collar, which also happens to be eco-friendly and recyclable.

eco-Lucks Dog Leash


Ever wondered what happens with all those plastic bottles you recycle? Well, some of them get turned into cool dog leashes like this one! Complete with a detachable storage pouch and triangle d-ring for portability, the eco-Lucks leash is a must-have for eco-conscious dog owners.

Orbee-Tuff Planet Ball


Every dog has his favorite toy, and when you bring in the Orbee-Tuff ball into the picture, chances are your pup will have a new favorite toy. Durable and buoyant, this ball is recyclable and non-toxic with a minty fresh taste.

Dynamic Accents Pet Toy Box in Cedar


An organized dog owner is a happy dog owner. Keep all of your furry friend's toys neatly stored in this attractive pet toy box, which comes with an eco-friendly water-based finish.

Pops Pet Organics Multi-Purpose Shampoo


Keep your pet clean and smelling great with this all-natural, non-toxic, USDA Certified Organic pet shampoo that comes in a BPA-free, recyclable bottle!

  • Eco-Friendly Dog Accessories
  • Harry Barker Organic Hemp Pet Bed
  • eco-Concepts Rustic Lodge Dog House
  • Eco-Loofah Pet Bowl Scrubby
  • The Green Pet Shop Bamboo Bowl
  • Reflecto Collar
  • eco-Lucks Dog Leash
  • Orbee-Tuff Planet Ball
  • Dynamic Accents Pet Toy Box in Cedar
  • Pops Pet Organics Multi-Purpose Shampoo
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Eco-Friendly Dog Accessories
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