Nov 3, 2012

Cool Gifts for Bosses

By Belinda Romano

Who doesn't want to make a good impression on the boss? After all, being on his or her good graces can make the difference between getting the promotion or getting the boot (hopefully you're aiming for the former!). From the first day on the job, to the holiday office party, we're always doing our best to impress the chief, and when it comes to finding the perfect gift for them, taking your time and putting in some effort can really make a big difference. Especially because not all bosses were created equal. Think you can get away with another executive pen set? Guess again. If you really want to make a good impression on your boss, you better do some research. Are they a golf pro? A wine lover? Outdoorsy? Skip the boring personalized stationery and check out these one-of-a-kind gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind boss!

Golf Lover

If your boss's idea of a fun weekend involves a day on the green followed by a toast at the nineteenth hole, then you'll definitely win extra points with this fun and unique poster. Personalized Golf Scene Wall Art, $80, available at Red Envelope.


If your boss is the modern type and likes to stay on top of things with the help of the latest and greatest technology, a personalized gadget case such as this one will be a welcomed surprise. Personalized iPad Case, $159, available at Orvis.

Wine Lover

If there's one thing your boss loves more than his or her job, it's wine. You know because they won't stop talking about their latest wine country escape. So what better gift than the gift of wine? Wines of the World Super Flight, $80, available at TastingRoom.com.

Coffee Lover

There's nothing that can stop your boss from doing her job. That is, of course, unless the coffee runs out. Surprise them with their very own single serve coffee maker; they'll love not having to share with the rest of the office! Keurig® Elite 40 Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System, $172, available at Bon-Ton.

Music Lover

If it weren't for his day job, you're pretty sure that your boss would be on the road with his band headed to their next sold-out show. These super cool, music-inspired bookends will keep his business strategy books in order when he's busy rocking out to his favorite tunes. Vintage LP Record Bookends, $40, available at Amazon.

Nature Lover

The only thing your boss is more passionate about than the Monday morning staff meeting is the outdoors. Bring a little piece of the wilderness to her office with this unique terrarium that will provide an a quick escape the next time things get a little hectic in the office.  Moss Terrarium Bottle, $38, available at Uncommon Goods.

Funny Boss

Your boss loves a good joke and has a sense of humor that's hard to beat. Bring a little laughter to his or her day with a hilarious bobblehead that not only serves as a converstaion starter, but a phone holder as well! Personalized iPhone Holder Bobblehead, $98, available at CustomBobble.com.

Health Nut

You'll never catch the boss eating anything that isn't natural, organic or homemade, so skip the box of chocolates and give them something delicious and nutritious! Harry and David Organic Royal Riviera® Pears, $35, available at Harry and David.

Sweet Tooth

When it comes to sweets and sugary treats, nothing can rival your boss's decadent taste buds. A box of gourmet candies, chocolates, or cupcakes will certainly be appreciated here and, if you're lucky, the boss might even share a little with you! Avenue Sweets Gift Tower, $26, available at Avenue Sweets.

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Cool Gifts for Bosses
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