Jan 5, 2013

Cool Gadgets for Kids

By Belinda Romano

When it comes to kids, one thing is for sure: they love toys! Whether it be a set of wooden building blocks or a soft and huggable plush animal, kids let their imaginations run free when they play with their favorite toys. But in today's fast and high tech times, the meaning of "toys" has evolved into something a little more advanced. Toys nowadays expand beyond the simplicity of dolls and little cars; they can also be gadgets that are as fun to use as they are useful and practical for everyday life. Whether you have a music-loving child or a busy-minded puzzle solver, there is a plethora of cool gadgets for kids out there that will stimulate their creativity, as well as serve as practical accessories for everyday life. Ready to find the perfect gadget for your child? We've rounded up our favorite items for kids who love everything from music to socializing, or gaming and creating!

ION iCADE Arcade Cabinet Gaming Controller for iPad®


Know a kid who appreciates the style and technologies of times gone by? Then they're going to love this one-of-a-kind contraption! It's not uncommon to see kids with iPads these days - afterall, they are as useful for homework as they are for playtime - but if your studious kiddo is retro at heart, this iPad game accessory is an absolute must-have.

Native Union POP Phone Handset


Have a chatty tween who can't seem to go a few nights a week without spending hours with her friends on the phone? Make her talk-time even more fun and comfortable with this playful and safe-to-use handset for mobile phones!  And with so many colors and quirky patterns to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect one for your super-social kid.

Lomography FishEye Point-n-Shoot 35mm Camera


Have an aspiring shutterbug on your hands? Foster his or her artistic inclinations and introduce them to "old school" photography with this super cool and super fun lomography fish-eye camera! They'll have a blast going around the neighborhood, their friends' homes or even on their weekend trip to grandma's, taking pictures of their experiences while capturing them in a unique way.

Crayola ColorStudio HD for Apple® iPad® and iPad 2


Creativity is a quality that is never lacking in children, and it's important to encourage them to exercise this trait on a daily basis. We're not just talking about crayons and construction paper though; modern times call for modern art forms! Let your little artists create their next masterpiece using this multi-activity stylus, which lets them doodle, draw and add music to their iPad canvas creations.

Mobi Headphonies Mini Portable Speaker


If you know a kid who loves playing, dancing and listiening to music more than anything else, they're going to need this. Let them amplify their favorite tunes with this adorably compact speaker companion, which comes in a variety of designs to match a variety of personalities. Whether they plug it into their MP3 player, CD player, computer or cell phone, this cool speaker system will provide hours of music fun.

Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock


Not all kids are "morning people" and, for some kids, waking up to go to school can be a drag. Make the morning routine a little more exciting with this innovative alarm clock, which rolls off the nightstand and runs away ringing, forcing the sleepy head in bed to run after it. Getting the kids out of bed just got easier. Now, if only there was an easy way to make them eat their veggies!

MONOPOLY ZappED Edition Board Game


Monopoly has stood the test of time when it comes to great games for the whole family, and if you're feeling like it's time to teach the kids about money, here's your chance for a fun lesson in economics. Compatible with the iPad, this modern version of the classic board game comes with all the accessories you need for a couple of fun hours with the kids.

So So Happy Mad Dog 16GB Flash Drive


Every once in a while, you'll meet a kid who's far more interested in books and school than games and sports, which is almost a miracle, if you ask most parents. So for those studious kiddos who love nothing more than to perfect their book report presentation in their spare time, this super useful and super fun flash drive will hold every project, paper and assignment your little Einstein creates.

  • Cool Gadgets for Kids
  • ION iCADE Arcade Cabinet Gaming Controller for iPad®
  • Native Union POP Phone Handset
  • Lomography FishEye Point-n-Shoot 35mm Camera
  • Crayola ColorStudio HD for Apple® iPad® and iPad 2
  • Mobi Headphonies Mini Portable Speaker
  • Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock
  • MONOPOLY ZappED Edition Board Game
  • So So Happy Mad Dog 16GB Flash Drive
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Cool Gadgets for Kids
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