Jan 31, 2013

9 Stylish Leggings to Knock Your Socks Off

By Tarah Damask

Leggings. Their overwhelming versatility can be hard to comprehend. That special something that somehow makes them work with nearly any ensemble? There’s no single answer, but then who cares? They’re the ultimate wardrobe staple and if you don’t have a pair, those leggies of yours need to get moving and get covered up in some seriously chic fabric. From solid colors for your everyday occasions, to prints that you may never have considered but fall head over heels for, leggings are where it’s at. Wear them with a tunic sweater and smoking flats. Throw on a pair of leather leggings with a T-shirt, blazer and booties, or go for some brightly-hued leggings with a racerback tank and sandals. You see where this is going? The options never stop. So stock up on this seriously sleek legwear.


If lying on the frills is your cup of tea, skip the traditional solid leggings and opt instead for a pair with an extra touch of girly glamour. With alternating panels of sheer fabric, ruffles and lace, this pair is sure to add a sweet touch to any outfit. Wear them with a dress and heels, or soften up an otherwise rough-and-tumble look complete with distressed combat boots. Ruffle Legging, $48, available at Free People.

Metallic Animal Print

Pulling on a pair of metallic leggings is fantastic when you’re dressing up for a ‘70s night party. However, when you’re looking for a way to incorporate high-impact legging into your daily wardrobe without causing people to shield their eyes as you walk by, consider metallic animal print leggings. You’ll still have that metallic touch, only you’ll be making a modern statement (and nobody will ask you any annoying questions, like “Which way to the disco?”). The Winter Warmer Metallic Animal Leggings, $53, available at Karmaloop.com.


Nothing adds a little glitz to your look like a hint of sparkle. Since you can’t exactly drape your legs with diamonds – someone should really get to work on that – a pair of sparkly leggings will make a suitable replacement. These are just like the black leggings that act as a major staple of your wardrobe with an extra luxe kick.   Tasha Sparkle Legging, $140, available at Club Monaco.


When you jokingly mentioned to a girlfriend that you’ve been looking for some leggings that are “out of this world” you never thought you’d find exactly that. Rub that stardust out of your eyes and take a good look – these galaxy-inspired leggings are real. Their zero gravity likeness won’t actually help you float in mid-air, but that visually intense print is sure to send you flying.  Milky Way Legging, $48, available at NastyGal.com.

Classic Knit

Hot pink leggings? Check. Gingham leggings with back-zip ankles? Check and check. Classic knit leggings that go with practically everything in your wardrobe, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down? If you didn’t just respond with a “Triple check” it is high time you stocked up. Never underestimate the importance of basics (or the devastating effects of realizing you somehow don’t own a pair of solid black leggings). Women’s Knit Leggings, $22, available at Lands’ End.

Vegan Leather

You’re a friend to all animals and don’t make any exceptions. So when those amazing leather leggings you keep seeing when you’re out and about – which you would never buy, of course! – keep catching your eye, your leather lust just begins to feel…well…wrong. Get the look without the guilt with a pair of vegan leather leggings. A ton of rocker chic attitude. Zero ethical trauma. Blank NYC Vegan Leather Ankle Zip Legging, $79, available at Karmaloop.com.

Stretch Leather

You love your vegan friends and respect their lifestyle but…you’re a leather girl. Leather handbag, leather boots, leather car seats. It’s a material that last and lasts (and with its usual price tag it had better last). Leggings aren’t going anywhere for a while and this high-end take on a sartorial classic is just too beautiful and buttery soft to resist. Stretch Leather Leggings, $395, available at Neiman Marcus.


The ‘80s nostalgia can be a bit hit-or-miss, but ‘90s revival? Yes, please. There was nothing cooler than wearing velvet Dr. Marten’s with the laces changed out (electric blue or actual lace just looked better) or a pair of velvet leggings under a flowy baby doll dress with a mini-floral pattern. You might not be rocking full-force ‘90s regalia, but the hint of velvet is a nice nod to the years of the grunge-meets-chic era. Lyssé® Velvet Control Top Leggings, $74, available at Nordstrom.


Dip-dye, ombre, fade-out – whatever you call it, staring at ombre fabric has an uncanny tendency to evoke feelings of staring out over the ocean. Or a beautiful blue sky that fades from pale shades of blue to deep azure. It all boils down to this: People will notice your on-trend style, but just like those unexpected rare and beautiful visual effects you find in nature, these gradient leggings are tranquilly spellbinding. Ombre Legging, $68, available at CandCCalifornia.com.

  • 9 Stylish Leggings to Knock Your Socks Off
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  • Metallic Animal Print
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  • Vegan Leather
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9 Stylish Leggings to Knock Your Socks Off
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