Jan 17, 2013

8 Stand-Out Wall Calendars for 2013

By Tarah Damask

Appointments, dinner dates, phone numbers, memories – there are a lot of things you need to remember on a daily basis. Actually, there’s one very important thing that can be extremely hard to keep track of: the day itself. You know, the name of the day, the month and the year? Believe it or not, keeping a calendar on your wall will save you from some very embarrassing moments; what’s more embarrassing than answering “Tuesday!” on Monday when someone asks you what day it is? Or what about showing up to a wedding in a full black-tie ensemble only to find out you’re at the wrong wedding; it was the day before, and your best friends are now on their honeymoon. Make the leap and hang up a wall calendar! It may very well change your life.


Tip: Choose a calendar that you love seeing when you glance at the wall – you’re more likely to actually use it. 

Leah Duncan Shapes Wall Calendar


Bedeck your wall with a modern work of art this year. Just because calendars are functional, doesn’t mean they can’t hang about while looking nice, blending in with the décor and lending a little hint of added personality to your space. Plus, it’s not like there’s a rule that functional items have to look strictly functional. Just imagine telling that to the watch industry – sun dial watches? Not likely.

Unravel Knitted Calendar


Ah yes, how the fabric of time unwinds stitch by stitch. No, really, it is unfurling before your very eyes. A softer approach at watching the days pass, unraveling a knitted scarf-like calendar leaves you with a heap of time’s unwoven threads, rather than a trashcan full of crumpled paper. Whether you use the leftovers to sew down loose buttons or to make a set of coasters, this one has “re-purpose me!” written all over it.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You


Hey there, subscriber to comic blogs and a bevy of other daily emails that keep you sane as you sift through life’s more pressing emails and phone calls! Whether you’re already an avid fan of The Oatmeal (your T-shirt and that poster on the wall sort of give you away), or if you happen to enjoy a little sarcasm with your morning brew, a monthly comic will do you good.

Perpetual Calendar


Tick, tock. Time just keeps on moving but the everyday items at your disposal don’t always seem to keep up with your green lifestyle. Sure, using post-consumer paper and recycling your calendar are beneficial steps toward protecting the environment, but they’re not ideal. So stop wasting time and opt for a calendar that provides you with the date, day after day, year after year. It’s perpetual, after all, and its modern design is easy on the eyes.

Cities Calendar


Your friends who have somehow found a way to traipse across the globe while you work for a living? You’re happy for them! Well … and maybe just a wee bit jealous. “Vagabond” may not be your style, but you can still satisfy your inner globetrotter by gazing each month upon artistically rendered cities you will one day visit. Only, unlike your friends’ backpack-trotting, hostel-staying travels, your future adventures will include lavish hotels. And several changes of clothes.

Lunar Monthly Calendar


Extremely strange things happen during full moons, so you should probably take the obsessive approach of closely following lunar patterns on a daily basis. Instead of repeating last year's embarrassing fiasco - you know, when you accidentally tried to get into the wrong car, literally slipped on a banana peel on the way to your car and then couldn’t convince anyone it had really happened - this year you’ll remember to hide under the covers the next time there’s a full moon.

Kate Spade Wall Calendar


Contrary to your personal philosophy, you can’t spend all day every day flipping through fashion magazines and shopping online. However, if it takes nothing more than the words “couture” and “prêt-à-porter” to set your heart aflutter, a daily dose of style is in order. This ultimate adventure, as seen through the eyes of nostalgia-obsessed designer Kate Spade, is sure to hit the spot.

Family Calendar


The days of buying yourself a new theme calendar every year? They are so over. Things change every day – no, every hour – and you need extra space. And if you can’t erase what you just wrote and change it eight more times, then the calendar will never hold up! Do yourself a favor: Go for the old chalk-and-chalkboard routine. Write, draw, use colorful chalk, erase. Then, start over. Easy as A-B-C.

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  • How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You
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  • Kate Spade Wall Calendar
  • Family Calendar
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8 Stand-Out Wall Calendars for 2013
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