Dec 6, 2012

10 Awesome Gadget Stocking Stuffers

By Belinda Romano

When it comes to holiday shopping, we often put a lot of focus on what we'll be wrapping up and putting under the tree, and end up overlooking the hanging stockings. Yes, they are definitely there for decorative reasons, but these boot-shaped gift holders are also a great place to hide the smaller, more practical gifts. The options are endless for filling up these holiday must-haves, but if you really want to surprise your loved ones after they've unwrapped their bigger presents, then turn to the awesomeness of gadgets. Yes, many are practical and functional, but many are also a whole lot of fun. Check out our 10 gadget stocking stuffer picks for everyone on your list...and try not to keep them for yourself!

USB Flash Drive Bracelet


For the student on your holiday list, nothing could be more useful than a school-worthy gadget. Give them the ability to take their projects, papers and other assignments on the go with this wristlet USB flash drive.

iPhone Filter Lens & Hard Case Cover


For the iPhoneagrapher on your list, a photography accessory is just the ticket. This case will not only protect their phone, but will also give them the option to take their photographs through 10 different filters.

Kikkerland Music Branch 3-Way Head Phone Splitter


For the popular kid on your list, anything that makes hanging out with friends easier is a sure bet. BFFs don't always come in two's and this 3-way headphone splitter will make sharing and enjoying music with more friends even cooler.

Agloves Unisex Gloves for Touchscreen Devices


Know a social butterfly who cannot bear to part from his or her phone? These winter gloves are a must-have for them, as they allow easy handling of touchscreen devices -- whether calling, texting, emailing or surfing -- all while keeping their hands warm and cozy.

Zipbuds Juiced with Mic Earphones


Have a music lover on your holiday list? No matter what kind of music they like, the one thing you can be sure they will appreciate is sound quality. These unique, tangle-free zipper headphones combine style and function for a great music listening experience.

Zibra 5-in-1 Package Opener


For the handyman on your list, a practical all-in-one tool makes a great stocking stuffer. This 5-in-1 gadget snips, cuts, slices, unscrews, as well as pops open bottle caps in a compact, easy to carry design.

Damn You, Autocorrect!


Have a funnyman (or woman!) to shop for? This hilarious compilation of embarassing, awkward and flat-out-funny autocorrect texts will be a hoot to read.

Dynex™ Mini Tripod


Have friend or relative who loves taking pictures of themselves? A portable mini tripod is just what they need to make sure their self-portraits turn out great, whether they're hanging out at home or traveling far away.

Dynex™ Portable Speaker for Apple iPod


Know someone who loves to get the party started everywhere they go? This mini portable speaker is the perfect stocking stuffer for them to turn up the tunes, no matter where they are.

Moshi iPouch for Apple iPhone


We all have that friend or relative who loves his phone more than anything. This double-duty iPhone pouch will protect their phone from scratches and bumps, as well as provide a soft cleaning cloth to get rid of those unsightly smudges and fingerprints that build up.

  • 10 Awesome Gadget Stocking Stuffers
  • USB Flash Drive Bracelet
  • iPhone Filter Lens & Hard Case Cover
  • Kikkerland Music Branch 3-Way Head Phone Splitter
  • Agloves Unisex Gloves for Touchscreen Devices
  • Zipbuds Juiced with Mic Earphones
  • Zibra 5-in-1 Package Opener
  • Damn You, Autocorrect!
  • Dynex™ Mini Tripod
  • Dynex™ Portable Speaker for Apple iPod
  • Moshi iPouch for Apple iPhone
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10 Awesome Gadget Stocking Stuffers
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