Harman Kardon SB 16 Speaker System

The Harmon Kardon SB16 is a 2.1-channel home audio system designed to provide the same quality of a full 5.1-channel system in a smaller space. The Harman Kardon All in One comprises two wireless speakers, a front sound bar, and a subwoofer, as opposed to the traditional six units. However, the front sound bar of this 2.1-channel home audio system functions as multiple speakers due to the arrangement of its components while taking advantage of its placement to provide high-quality audio. The Harmon Kardon SB16 uses wireless speakers to contribute to ease of setup and positioning. In doing so, this Harman Kardon All in One operates in small spaces efficiently without the clutter of a full 5.1-channel system. It can easily be used with various other home entertainment equipment without requiring frequent rewiring. Furthermore, the Harman Kardon All in One can be operated via a universal remote for even greater convenience. Combining quality technology and advanced engineering, the Harman Kardon All in One provides crisp home audio with minimal configuration.

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