Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-60 Center Speaker

The Definitive Technology MYTHOS XTR-60 is a wall-mountable loudspeaker that delivers ultra-clear sound with stereo effects of remarkable quality. This Definitive Technology speaker features XTDD anodized aluminum dome mid/bass drivers that offer outstanding sound and voice clarity. Plus, this wall-mountable loudspeaker’s dome-shaped low-bass radiators extend the base effect through the audio area. A one-inch aluminum dome tweeter on the Definitive Technology speaker diffuses the sound effectively and enables you to experience high-quality sound even if you are at a considerable distance. This Definitive Technology MYTHOS XTR-60 can be suitably used with 55-inch class and larger ultra-shallow TVs. You can also use this Definitive Technology MYTHOS XTR-60 with your home entertainment system, which will give you and your family a theater-like experience.

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